Week of January 16, 2011

Schedule This Week

Yes, there is Boot Camp this Monday and Thursday.  Even though school is closed, it will be open for evening activities.

Last Week’s Highlights

It was nice to see Sam G. and Tia R. join the group last Monday. It was a night of leg shredding . . . Wednesday, our legs were talking (or screaming) at us. Thursday, Chelsea chalked up 38 step-ups in one minute, which was followed closely by Gabby with 37, and Megan with 36.  Dan posted an impressive 28 box jumps in one minute.   Thursday finished with about 100 push-ups, 250 squats, 80-100 burpees, who knows how many sit-ups, over 100 step/jump ups and a crazy amount of jump ropes . . . whew, I said that all in one breath!  You’re all amazing for even getting out of your houses on these cold winter nights!!

Kevin Brings it Home

Below are pics of our proud Boot Camper with his new Concept2 Rower.  Kevin and I met with Greg Hammond of Concept2 this past week.  We toured the facilities and Kevin packed his rower into his Honda (yes, it did fit!).

Kevin posing on a rower at Concept2 in Morrisville

Assembled at Home


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