Week of Dec. 5, 2010

Welcome Robin, Pat and Allison.  You’re officially indoctrinated and sore 🙂  It’s also nice to see our youth continuing to join us!  An alarming statistic is that 1 out 3 kids are overweight (eeeeek!)  You’re all incredible role models for your children.

Light on the Cookie Swap

This year, we’ll plan a cookie (or any other food) swap.  However, since it’s Boot Camp, the swap is a healthier holiday exchange that’s big on fun and light on calories.
Here’s the details:
Monday, Dec. 20 after Boot Camp
We’ll swap goodies (participation is optional)
You can post recipes right here on this blog or hand out the recipes
Be a Smart Cookie
An average homemade cookie typically contains 80 to 100 calories. That’s the same number of calories in a one ounce slice of bread. Eating one or two cookies a day is manageable. But — keep in mind — if you eat 500 extra calories every day for one week without any additional exercise, you will gain a pound.

A Goal without a Plan in only a Wish

If you’re already attending Boot Camp regularly or following another fitness regiment, you’ve already set goals and are successful.  However, I’m sure you know many, many people who still consider their goal a WISH since they don’t have a plan.  You’ve seen it . . . Too often promises made one month dwindle within 30 to 60 days.  Why?  Even with good intentions, health and wellness goals are often too high, too vague, or lacking action plans that actually work.  To have success, you must set REALISTIC goals.

Tell you friends, family and coworkers that as you set health and wellness goals:

  1. Write down specifically what you want to achieve.
  2. And when you want to achieve these goals.
  3. Read your goals daily so they become part of you.
Help them avoid SOCIAL UNDERMINING from their family, friends, work, schedule, etc. Remember, to tell them that their friends, family and employer do want them to be successful and happy. Include them in the process and they will greatly increase their chances of achieving their goals.
If you know of anyone who has fallen victim to the following excuses, check out this website for more information: http://mind-muscle.com/top-10-excuses-for-not-reaching-your-goals/
1. Social undermining (mentioned above)
2. Too tired
3. Not enough time
4. I’ll do it tomorrow
5. Financial reasons
6. Don’t know what to do
7. Lingering injury
8. It didn’t work the first time
9. Extenuating circumstances
10. What I’m doing isn’t working

See you this Monday and Thursday from 6:30 – 7:30 pm.  Please continue to bring your weights.


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