Week of Nov. 28, 2010

Drag ’em in December

You’ve heard of drag racing, dragging deer, and dragging @$$ . . . For the month of December, you can drag a friend, a relative, and your spouse during December and earn discounts on your January classes.

Your discounts are as follows for each person you drag in from the streets during December who make Boot Camp commitments.

Refer 1 new boot camp client: 25% off the following month
Refer 2 new boot camp clients: 50% off the following month
Refer 3 new boot camp clients: = 1 free month Month

*A referred Boot Camp commitment is when they prepay 5 classes to be used in December.

Cruel Calories . . . Here’s a Few Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Sweat through a 30-minute workout and you can torch 200.  Take 3 gulps of a creamy cappuccino and you’re right back where you started.

1. Stop eating when you hit the crust.

2. Choose sugar-free Jello instead of pudding

3. Lose the high sugar yogurts . . . ditch yogurts with more than 15 grams of sugar

4. Pass on the croutons

5. Potato chips . . . ditch ’em . . . grab carrot sticks or if you have to small handful of pretzels

6. Slurp soup that you can see through

7. Go bunless . . . eat naked meat

For many more short-cuts go to: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/cut-100-calories

Congratulations to . . .

Dana Clark for completing her first 5k.  Dana has been a long-time boot camper and recently achieved her goal of running a 5k.  She has the bug . . . watch out!  We’re so happy for you Dana.  Congratulations!

A Bunch of Turkeys

I wish I could’ve joined the flock of Turkeys at the Westford Turkey Trot.  Quite the gobblers . . .

Group of Gobblers . . . Amazing Women!

10k Turkey Trotters from Boot Camp . . . Congratulations!

It’s nice to hear that some of you organized group workouts over the holiday week.  You should be in great shape to hit it hard throughout December.  Looking forward to the pushes, the pulls, the whines, the cries, the jumps, the crawls,  and those who yell, “I’m gonna die!”

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