Week of Nov. 14, 2010

Thanks to Paula Coli for being the guest instructor at last Thursday’s boot camp class.  I was home with a sick child and a husband at deer camp.  Paula didn’t hesitate to play the role of the “torturer”.   Don’t worry, we’ll get her back this week.  Also, there’s a few boot campers who recently celebrated birthdays: Randie at the beginning of the month, then Paula and Kellie this past week.  All of them are 30 something.

No classes next week.  We’ll resume classes on Monday, Nov. 29.

Look out for a Holiday Special.  I’ll post it during Thanksgiving week.

Turkey Trot in Westford

Saturday, November 20th – Westford Turkey Trot. 10k run; 2-mile walk/run; 50 yd dash (ages 5 and under). Westford School. 8:30 am resigtration (race day only), 10 am start. A great family event with great food and prize table! $10 suggested donation support programs for Westford children and families.

What’s the Single Best Exercise for Your Body?

I’ve heard about burpees and walking lunges, but I wanted to search the internet to see what other sources are saying and to see how our boot camp matches up.  Bottom line (pardon the pun): You’ve been performing the best exercises to lose weight.  No surprise I know, but at least it validates all your blood, sweat and soreness:

Mental Exercises…A Must Have: No single exercise can make up for terrible eating habits or never having a plan for your workouts. Figuring out your mental game is more beneficial then anything you can do.

The Push-Up: say no more . . . we do plenty and you’ve seen the results.

Burpees: Considered the ultimate full-body exercise.  With each repetition, you’ll work your chest, arms, front deltoids, thighs, hamstrings, and abs.  A crowd favorite!

Circuit Training: Unquestionably one of the best ways to lose weight.

Back to Mental Exercises, here’s a brief article by Beth Benson that addresses this highly important topic:

Motivation is the key to figuring out a healthy, sustainable weight loss plan. Everyone kind of would like to lose weight – why are you ON FIRE to get fit and healthy? Is your reason healthy? If you have a healthy motivation, rather then fear of rejection, I think your results will be much better.

If you have a fear of rejection as your primary reason for losing weight, inevitably you’ll find out that people can be cruel and will find other reasons to reject you Their hangups might be about something besides weight. How can you keep motivation then? This fear can be useful for your initial planning – but search for other reasons after you start. Isn’t a beautifully implemented exercise a pleasure? Can you feel your thoughts clearing as you move? Can’t you feel worries leaving you with your sweat? How much lighter do you feel after a healthy fish or fresh fruit then after leaden processed foods and semi-foods? Keep track of these positive feelings, how much easier will it be to make good choices? How much cleaner will you become?

Laziness creeps in, and cravings are hard to resist – so also develop your commitment abilities! Plan times for working out and healthy meals. Be accountable for following your plans. Recruit someone to keep you accountable, publish your plan to lose weight and keep it updated in an online forum. Don’t keep junk food in your kitchen. You may have heard these tips before – it works!

Decide on an action plan for weight loss that will motivate you, and don’t give up. This is obviously easier to read about then implement, but the mental exercise of discovering sustainable motivation will provide far better results then adding one more ‘BEST weight loss exercise EVER’ for your brain (to be easily rewritten with an equally limited exercise). Motivation is forever.



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