Week of Sept. 12, 2010

Let’s Boot Cancer!  Don’t forget to register as a volunteer or a competitor.  Time is running out!

It’s only $10 for a raffle ticket for a Concept2 Rower.

Go to the “Boot Cancer Fitness Challenge” registration page on Active.com at http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1876270. ClickRegister Now, quickly create a login id, select the raffle category to purchase raffle tickets.  Click Agree & Continue, select your quantity and check out. **You don’t need to register for the event to purchase raffle tickets.** The rower will be shipped anywhere. ONLY 200 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD

Slogan Contest . . . Win a shirt with your slogan.

I wanted to have fun with the next round of Boot Camp w/ LSD shirts and create a contest.  There are still many of you wanting more shirts. . . which is awesome.  Here’s how it will work:

1. Think of a catchy slogan that has to do with L.S.D. and Boot Camp.
2. Send it to me via email, Facebook or Boot Camp Blog by next Friday, Sept. 17
3. On Sept. 19, I’ll send a message to everyone with a poll showing all of the entries.  All of the Boot Camp contacts (over 170 of them) will have a chance to vote for their favorite slogan.
4. If your slogan wins, you’ll have a FREE shirts.
Yes, you can submit more than one entry.  The winner will be announced on Sept. 26.  The shirts will be ready for the Boot Cancer event on 10-10-10.
We’ll have fun with it!  I can just imagine what you’re going to come up with.

Let’s Take a Poll . . . A Guest Speaker

I’m interested in hearing your feedback on having a guest speaker at an upcoming boot camp class.  Megan Walsh is a certified clinical herbalist, certified nutrition consultant and registered nurse and owner of Roots Wise. Megan has been studying & practicing herbal medicine for over 14 years & teaching herb classes & offering consultations for over 6 years. Megan’s passion revolves around living ROOTS WISE!. Living roots wise is about living life passionately, consciously & full of spirit, as well as healthily so you can continue to do all the things in life that inspire you & make you feel alive.! As a nurse Megan sees, all too often, the unhealthy state that many people have gotten themselves into.  Her passion lies in turning that around, through herbs, nutrition & movement! empowering people to take their life, mind and body, into their own hands & make it the best life yet for themselves & for all those around them.!
She does this by offering herbal and nutritional wellness consultations, teaching classes & whatever else she can drum up.
Here’s her website: http://www.rootswisewellness.com
Please complete the poll below to let me know your thoughts.

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