Week of Aug. 29, 2010

We’re in for a hot week!  Yahoo!  I love hot Septembers.  Please be prepared with a lot of water.  We’ll continue to hold camps outside until we run out of daylight.  See below for pics from last week’s class.  This week we’ll do more benchmarking.  I also have the shirts for those who ordered.  I’ll be placing another order mid-September, but there will be a shirt contest (no Dan, not a wet t-shirt contest).

Boot Cancer Update

Thank you to those who are working on getting sponsors, in-kind gifts and gathering competitors.  We’ll have another volunteer meeting in a few weeks.  I’ll keep you posted.  www.bootcancer.org

We have class on Mon., Sept. 6

Last week, several boot campers reported incredible 5k times from the Round Church run.  Girls, if you want to, please post your times.  They were mighty impressive!

Mini Camp to Boot Cancer in St. Johnsbury

Another Mini Camp a success! $129.00 was raised at Ben Warstler‘s Boot Camp. Tough workout and tough competitors! I mean tough! Aaron Fondry and Radha Heath churned out the most reps. See the results image attached. It was great to visit another fitness community and meet such wonderful people. Thank you Ben for helping to raise more money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. He runs a fantastic program!

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

This is a valid question that’s typically asked from people starting a new exercise routine.  I found a great article that answers it:

From Primal Living in the Modern World, “You really can’t fight your genes. I witnessed one young woman I coach become sleek and toned after seemingly two sessions with weights and a few rounds of yoga – it’s easier when you’re young, of course. Another guy I work with exercises day in, day out, and has for two years now; although he’s fit and lean, he will never look like Bruce Lee no matter how hard he tries. (It’s worth noting that if you start your children on exercise – such as a sport – from an early age, they’ll develop muscles that will stay with them for a lifetime, even if they gain a little weight down the road as we all tend to do.)

There is some justice: the longer you exercise, the easier it will be to make changes to your shape. That said, results are different for everyone. It’s a complex equation of existing muscles, your natural build, metabolism, fat distribution and many other factors. You actually do get an immediate health boost from exercise, but let’s be honest: how many are really after that? Most of us give up on exercise after a few weeks or even a few days because we don’t see the desired physical results. People like the aforementioned young lady are rare; most of us have to put in months before seeing any real improvement.

The point is, if you’re asking that question – how long before I see results – the answer is almost always: much longer than you want. Hang in there; change will happen. We all want to look good, and many of us want or need to lose weight. Those are healthy and admirable goals. But while exercise can and does help with these goals, at the end of the day, we’ve got to realign our thinking and remember that exercise, more than anything, is just a necessity for health, and despite what the marketers would have us feel, that is reason enough.”


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