Sunday, August 22

Another grueling, but great time last week.  Even my trapezoids were feeling it from Thursday.  Check out the latest results on the Performance page.  Everyone has been blowing their push-up scores out of the water.  More timed events this week: a 10-10-10 and Dirty-30 (oooh, I love this one:-)

I haven’t heard from the t-shirt vendor yet.  I’ll call him during the day tomorrow.

It was a busy weekend for some boot campers who ran in the Round Church run in Richmond.  See below for pics taken from Paula’s post on FB.  Congratulations ladies!

Here’s the news for this week:

1. Weights: If you have hand weights, 5lbs. or greater, please bring one or two to the classes this week.

2. The Fall schedule is posted on the Location & Schedule page. Remember, we go year-round, but class is not offered when the school is closed in the cold months.  However, if school is closed on Monday, frequently I can squeeze in another night.

3. Ratchet-up your intensity . . . Come to the 15-Minute mini camp for Boot Cancer at Ben’s Boot Camp in St. Johnsbury this Sunday, Aug., 29 from 9-12.  Pay what you can, bring who you can.  Details at:

4. Boot Cancer . . . The event is happening soon (eeek) . . . Volunteers, I need your help, we still need more t-shirt sponsors and in-kind donations for prizes.  I’ll have another meeting in a few weeks.  However, please let me know who you’ve reached and if you need further documentation.

5. Vitamin D Levels: Did you know that women with low levels of D have extra fat in their muscles.  When was the last time you had your D levels checked?  While you’re at it, have your Vitamin B levels checked.


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