Last AM Summer Boot Camp Class

This past Wednesday was the last summer boot camp class in the AM.  I can’t wait to do it again next summer.  We had a wonderful group of people who rolled out of bed to get “punished”.  However, I really enjoyed the coffee talks at the local bakery.  What the life, we work out in the AM, meet for coffee, take a shower and we’re ready for anything!  Thanks for a great time everyone.

Group Picture of Morning Boot Campers


One response to “Last AM Summer Boot Camp Class

  1. Saturday morning a few of us gathered for an early morning workout. Half way through the workout we all noticed a beautiful hot air balloon in the distance. We all were wondering where it was heading as we push threw our grueling workout. We just finished stretching and were getting ready to head to the bakery for some chocolate covered doughnuts with sprinkles (to replace those calories burnt). The hot air balloon came hovering over the school roof and getting ready to land down in our boot camp area!!! So being the good helping citizens that we all are, decide to lend a hand in stopping the enormous flying object! We all grabbed the rope and pulled her down, then pulled it down to the other field. We helped with rolling it up and stuffing it into it’s bag. We were then thanked for our good deed and invited to the champagne toast with cheese and crackers!……After drinking two mimosas I don’t remember much after that, except wiping the chocolate off my mouth at the bakery :). It was quite a wonderful experience, the hot air balloon and the doughnut!

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