Week of June 13, 2010

For the week of June 13, classes are held Wednesday and Thursday.

Next week, is the start of the Summer Session.  We’ll be back to Monday and Thursday evenings, plus early morning Wednesday workouts at 5:45 am. Don’t forget to ask me about the Summer Special.

Last week, we started to benchmark chin-to-floor push-ups and navy seal sit-ups.  Paula posted impressive results of 35 push-ups without a rest.  Rick posted 39 for the men.  Navy seal sit-ups for 30 seconds had boot campers with scores up to 30 (Dan, Me, Joe) and Rick showed-off with 32.   During the summer session, we’ll start assessing everyone’s performance against the Presidential Physical Fitness benchmarks.

Get Ready, the summer session will morph your body and mind into a machine that you and your family will be proud of.  I promise!

***In the News***

Child Obesity in VT . . . Runners Need Strength Training Too

Vermont was cited recently as having one of the highest child obesity rates in the country.  Below are two links that you may want to read . . .

VPR’s story on snacks in schools: http://vpr.net/content_by_tag/childhood_obesity/

Source: http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:wM3NiOYPTCwJ:nschdata.org/Viewdocument.aspx%3Fitem%3D567+obsesity+in+vermont+children&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjx3Vf1x5JpaYYk_m1AUU6f2-j_6uS3o2QkFajQj7LssPf4ERaAAW_Heub6wGPoRfHGo3DIyeAtp6YOSl8SVECX7pmlCFIkfy5Gubx7SfAdV0L8zO8AUZnqm0_eC4HaCqWN1Ffq&sig=AHIEtbTUXPZZJNp7jF6uQMqt4RLf0kSZog

Runners Need Strength Training Too

by Tom Holland, Windy City Sports

“If you’re a runner who doesn’t strength train, then I can almost guarantee that the question isn’tif, but when you’ll be sidelined due to injury.”

By pinpointing our weaknesses and working on strengthening them early on in life, we can build a strong musculoskeletal system that will carry us through our later years with little or no pain.

The problem with strength training and runners is that most have absolutely no idea what, when or how often to do it. The basic keys are as follows: runners need to lift weights consistently, correctly and at the right intensity:

  • Consistently means two or three times a week for several months to truly begin to build a proper base of strength.
  • Correctly refers to performing the exercises in a safe and effective manner with proper technique and muscle control.
  • Right intensity relates to the amount of weight used for each exercise as well as the difficulty of each training session.

These workouts are focused first and foremost on strengthening weak muscle groups and creating balance throughout the entire body. These workouts need not be long with multiple sets for each exercise. Many of these exercises are multi-joint exercises, ones that work several muscle groups at a time, thereby reducing the time needed for each workout.

***A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish***


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