Week of May 30

Hope everyone’s Memorial Day weekend has been productive.  Our garden is in, went for a long run and caught up on the weeding.   Looking forward to tomorrow’s Memorial Day workout!

Kevin Greene ran the full marathon today.  His time:

Net Time 5:28:46
Gun Time 5:31:37

Congratulations to Kevin and other boot campers who participated!   If you hear of other results from Boot Campers, please share them with us.

Upcoming Events:

1. Early Morning Boot Camp starting in the summer.  More details to come.

2. June 26: Franklin County Relay for Life

3. June 27: Washington County 15-Minute Mini Camp at The Confluence in Montpelier.  Go the bootcancer.org and click on Mini Camps to view the workout.

2 responses to “Week of May 30

  1. With a variety of warm weather forecasts for yesterday, causing exiety for many runners, it was such a relief to have the lower temps and cloud cover yesterday. This was my 3rd time running VCM, and my 10th marathon overall. Although there are some sparsely populated spots along the course, the crowd support and encouragement seems to be right where you need it. Other than being stiff walking up and down stairs, and 1 small blister on my foot, I survived without any injuries. I did go out the 1st few miles a bit faster than I should have, which affected my overall finish time. I had hoped for a finish time closer to 5 hours, but after seeing a few runners being cared for by medical staff, I feel that I ran the course very conservatively. While a lot of miles went into my marathon preparation, I am confident that participating in Fitness Boot Camp was a huge factor in my body being able to complete running 26.2 miles injury free. Thank you Lisa!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! and KUDOS TO YOU KEVIN!!!! GREAT JOB!!! Not everyone can do what you did, including ME!!

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