How Many Calories to Burn 1 lb. of FAT

As usual, class will be held this Monday and Thursday from 6:30 – 7:30 pm behind the BFA Fairfax playground. In case of heavy rain, we’ll meet inside by entering through the high school.

I’m meeting with Body Resolution in S. Burlington tomorrow to determine the workout for the upcoming 15-Minute Mini Camp to support the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. The 15 minute workout is scheduled for Sunday, May 23 from 9 – noon. To reserve your start time, call Body Resolution at 802.658.5800.

Unsure if you want to participate in the 15-minute workout? Ask the following boot campers who either competed or volunteered in prior boot camp events: Paula, Michelle, Anne, Lynn, Dan, Kevin, Crystal, Chelsea, Kellie, Dana, Lisa-Marie, Rick, Becky, Judy and Jill.

Do you know how many calories you need to burn to burn 1 lb. of fat? Read the latest nutrition & fitness newsletter:

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