Week of March 7, 2010

What does a caterpillar, superman, spiderman, and a hollow rock all have in common?  Those of you who attended Boot Camp last week, what’s your response (hee, hee, hee)?

I’m also looking for song suggestions to add to our library of fast-paced music.

Here’s the latest newsletter that addresses Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and research supporting the benefits of intense exercise.  Click on the link: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Classes are this Monday and Thursday; same time and location.  Go to the Schedule page for the Spring dates.

Remember, we’ll start to run outdoors after the time change (March 14).  Dress accordingly.

See you indoors . . .


2 responses to “Week of March 7, 2010

  1. I say the common thread would have to be, PAIN! and the setting up of “DOMS”!! Inflammation and tears!! That is a tear,as in a rip, right? Not a tear,as in water from your eye, right?…Either way, it don’t sound like a good thing!! Paula P.S.song: LOW by flow rider (I think?!)

  2. Music suggestions:

    Incubus – pretty much anything
    Three Doors Down
    Earth Wind & Fire

    Off the top of my head…I was in total pain after last week!


    I agree with Paula

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