Week of Jan. 31

On Thursday, Feb. 4 class can only be held starting at 7:30 pm.  This is due to many school activities that evening.  Let’s vote: Do you want to hold a 1/2 hour class or 1 hour class? We’ll be in the middle school gym that evening.

Monday, Feb. 1 is still the same time (6:30 pm).

5 responses to “Week of Jan. 31

  1. Lisa–

    That’s a bit late for me…I may pass on Thursday and try to get the boys to do a mini boot camp workout at CPSFC instead.


  2. Hey everyone, My vote is 1/2 hour-Beth

  3. I vote 1/2 hour -Beth

  4. Hi Lisa, I’m in, let’s do it! I’d like to do the full hour. See you Thursday @ 7:30. Paula

  5. Beth and I can do the 7:30. 1/2 hour is okay, or maybe 45 min. –Janice

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