Tia Takes Top Spot

Last week was a mixed bag . . . read on to see everyone’s efforts.

Monday, the group performed a new timed work out, aptly titled “sweaty undies”: short sprint, 10 tuck jumps, 10 speed rows, 10 mountain climbers . . . complete as many rounds in 10 minutes (target time is 20 minutes).

Thursday was the 15-minute workout that will be held at Collins-Perley Sports & Fitness Complex on Feb. 21.  A total of 16 people completed the following workout.  See the individual results below.

1. Box jump/step-up (reps)

2. Tricep dip (reps)

3. Burpee with push-up and jump (reps)

4. Shoulder press 65# for men/45# for women (reps) {modified to 25#}

5. Jump rope (reps)

Individual Results (Total Reps)

Tia 872

Lisa 764

Kathleen 678
Jill 664
Unknown 662
Kevin 594
Michelle N 591
Anne M 568
Dana 563
Beth N 559
Wendy 542
Paula 535
Lisamarie 533
Dan 529
Randie 500
Janice 473

2 responses to “Tia Takes Top Spot

  1. Hi Lisa, I love the results! Paula 764!!!! I must confess, that’s a mistake. I was somewhere around 560. I don’t know who’s score that was; but KUDOS! to them and I’m sure they want THEIR name next to their #, not mine. See you Monday, Paula

  2. Hi Lisa, I love the results also, but there is a mistake with mine also. I think I was down near 500.

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