A Perfect 10!

This past Thursday, boot campers completed a grueling 10,10,10 x 10 workout in addition to other functional exercises. The Perfect 10 is 10 burpees, 10 air squats, 10 sit-ups for 10 rounds.  The top three times went to Winnie (9:38), Paula (9:39), and Lisamarie (9:44).  Newcomer, Kathleen posted impressive results with her 5 min. tabata sit-up effort (Navy Seal style).  She sat-up 100 times.  Kevin continued his off-the-hook performances by smashing his sit-up and push-up records.  Kevin commented that perhaps he should give blood more often, since he donated the same day that he soared by his personal best scores.  Other record breakers Thursday night were: Anne, Beth L., Dan, Janice, Lisamarie, Paula, and Randie.  Incredible effort and outstanding results.


One response to “A Perfect 10!

  1. Hi Lisa, Was that Beth L. or Beth W. Nichols? I’m trying to think… (hard sometimes)…Who is Beth L?(Lamphere?) Just wonderin’,Paula

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