15 Minutes of Pure H . . (I mean fun)

The group was lucky enough to experience the 15 minute workout that’s scheduled to happen at least 3 times this year to help raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  More information on the Boot Cancer Mini Camps can be found at http://www.bootcancer.org

Tonight we’re featuring Beth who wasn’t phased by the workout.  In fact, she was pumped and ready for more.  Paula liked the thrusts . . . save that for another day.  It was nice to see Jill, Michelle, Lisamarie and Janice in the new year.  We welcomed 4 new recruits.  Thanks Carma and Paula.

Feeling strong after tabatas, thrusts and everything in between

3 responses to “15 Minutes of Pure H . . (I mean fun)

  1. Thanks Lisa for the pain I’ve had in my a– all weekend!!! I had a real hard time getting around! That’s it, no more thrusting for me!!! I wantta modification! See ya’ Monday. Paula

  2. Lisamarie..not Lisa-Marie!
    ha ha…

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