First Workout of 2010

Tabata Torture for a full hour.

Shoulder Press, Shuttle Runs, Push-Ups, Lunges, Jump Ropes, Planks, Leg Raises . . . make it stop . . . but we didn’t.

Nice to see you back Nancy.  Winnie showed her guns (that’s toned arms, not what you think it is Paula & Betty).  Bridgette was “sparkling” and Kevin was as strong as ever.

I was impressed with the weight that everyone used on the shoulder press.  You can all join the Feb. 21 mini workout to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Betty, looking for a post from you.  We’ll get you to be a blogger in 2010.

By the way, scroll down to find the attached documents that highlight everyone’s performances.


One response to “First Workout of 2010

  1. It says I’m the first, I thought Paula was the first…my upper arms are killing me from last night …Thanks Lisa…..not!

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